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NoCA HIMSS Meeting in Fairfield, CA – supporting links

I will be in the social media panel at the Patient Engagement HIMSS meeting for Northern California. More details here:

First I will publish a few links related to my talk. I will then update throughout the day for a nice reference for all attendees.

I’m going to talk about:

– Regina Holliday’s Walking Gallery

– The Preeclampsia Foundation and its supportive Forum

– The Society for Participatory Medicine (SPM)

Main website –

Blog –

Journal of Participatory Medicine –

Twitter: @s4pm #s4pm

– e-Patient Dave deBronkart and his latest book Let Patients Help!

– Dr. Danny Sands

– SPM President Sarah Krug is Executive Director of Cancer 101

– Casey Quinlan Wrote Cancer for Christmas and strong social media presence

– Howard J. Luks, MD – Practicing MD with strong social media presence Also one of the founders of the Symplur healthcare social media hashtags project  

– Hugo Campos the ICD User Group 

– Kelly Young’s Reumathoid Disease blog

– Fibromuscular dysplasia Facebook group

– Christine Miserandino’s lupus blog But You Don’t Look Sick 



Healthcare Social Media for Engaging Patients

My blog post written for the HIMSS blog:

The White Paper that a number of us wrote in the Social Media Taskgroup is a very comprehensive overview of Healthcare social Media:

Healthcare “Friending” Social Media:
What Is It, How Is It Used,
and What Should I Do?

Resources for social media

An easy and useful book is Christina Beach Thielst‘s Social Media in Healthcare – Connect, Communicate, Collaborate (2010). It’s a short read (80 pages with big fonts and lots of white spaces) and it gives the user an idea of each type of social media, its potential use in healthcare, and examples of actual usage. It has lots of graphs and figures. Recommended for people just getting started.

I found two other books about social media to be full of ideas, examples and interesting comments:

– David Meerman Scott – The New Rules of Marketing and PR – 2010

–  Ann Handley, CC Chapman – Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business (New Rules Social Media Series) – 2010

All three are worth reading and making you want to act and do something. Here’s a quote from David’s New Rules of Marketing:

Everybody I’ve spoken with about starting a blog has said the same thing (but in slightly different ways). They were all a bit uncomfortable when they started a blog. They felt a little dorky because they didn’t know the unwritten rules. They were even a little scared to push the button on that first post. We’ve all been there.