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A Patient at the @HIMSS13 Conference

I am quite a dedicated IT person and e-patient. I love my medical data, I want my data and because I can’t yet get my data, I can at least hang out with the people that work on giving me my data and try to nudge them to give me my DAM data faster. So who do I get to hang out with?

– The HIMSS eConnecting to Consumers Committee – HIMSS is a very large Healthcare IT organization that brings together providers, vendors, consultants, government and, hopefully, in the near future, patients. The eConnecting to Consumers Committee aims to push Healthcare IT people and their organizations towards better engaging with consumers: patients, caregivers and families. The group organizes a yearly conference that I just attended last week. This year there was a great emphasis on patient engagement and I tried to attend a lot of sessions on the subject.

– The Society for Participatory Medicine (SPM) – is a non-profit organization that gets together patients, clinicians, and other people involved or interested in the healthcare system and in giving patients the tools and information to maintain their own health

I am volunteering for both groups and they recently became partners. I had to be there to see this in practice. The following blog posts will cover the education sessions I attended at the conference.

You will notice pictures attached to the notes – they are skechnotes that I drew/wrote during the session. I learned about the book/technique from a doctor blogger – Dr. Bryan Vartabedian – and it worked quite well for me. They are not very good sketches as I just started down the path. even so, I love rereading my notes which is  a first for me after a conference.