NoCA HIMSS Meeting in Fairfield, CA – supporting links

I will be in the social media panel at the Patient Engagement HIMSS meeting for Northern California. More details here:

First I will publish a few links related to my talk. I will then update throughout the day for a nice reference for all attendees.

I’m going to talk about:

– Regina Holliday’s Walking Gallery

– The Preeclampsia Foundation and its supportive Forum

– The Society for Participatory Medicine (SPM)

Main website –

Blog –

Journal of Participatory Medicine –

Twitter: @s4pm #s4pm

– e-Patient Dave deBronkart and his latest book Let Patients Help!

– Dr. Danny Sands

– SPM President Sarah Krug is Executive Director of Cancer 101

– Casey Quinlan Wrote Cancer for Christmas and strong social media presence

– Howard J. Luks, MD – Practicing MD with strong social media presence Also one of the founders of the Symplur healthcare social media hashtags project  

– Hugo Campos the ICD User Group 

– Kelly Young’s Reumathoid Disease blog

– Fibromuscular dysplasia Facebook group

– Christine Miserandino’s lupus blog But You Don’t Look Sick 



About Ileana Balcu

Passionate about healthcare, participatory medicine, e-patients, databases, IT and Health IT, social media, communication, teams and yoga. Proudly volunteering for the Society for Participatory Medicine #s4pm

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