HHS HealthIT.gov website – very well done!

The HHSreleased a new website and it looks very good. It explains to healthcare professionals and patients why IT is important in healthcare. Really nice website.

If a hospital or physician’s office can find a developer and can find the time to put up a website that is so beautiful and well-thought through and can afford to keep up with updating it, I’d say go for it. But building a website like this is not going to be cheap or at least it will consume somebody’s time. I know because I am trying to build something similar for my company.

And it still uses a blog. We have to wait and see how often the blog will be updated and the quality of its information. I added it in my reader and if it will be worth reading, I will write about it.

If a hospital already have a marketing effort aimed toward social media, I would keep going with that and, at the same time, I would encourage physicians to blog to connect with their patients. It would just increase the number of communication channels that we broadcast from almost mass-media through a highly visible web site to the personal through enhanced communications between physicians and other healthcare providers and their patients.


About Ileana Balcu

Passionate about healthcare, participatory medicine, e-patients, databases, IT and Health IT, social media, communication, teams and yoga. Proudly volunteering for the Society for Participatory Medicine http://participatorymedicine.org #s4pm

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