Getting started with social media

Social media is everywhere. We can’t ignore it, we can’t give up. We need to start, in a small way probably.

I think I have a solution for physicians in outpatient settings: writing blogs for patients. Blogs are easy to use and inexpensive. The audience is reachable by the physician at appointments and it can trickle in bit by bit. The rules are easy: nothing exciting to start with: just stuff you could say in an elevator full of people, no patient complaints, no patient stories without explicit approval.

We don’t need to start running, walking is just fine, and a blog post once a week will not take that much time!

An example: Dr. Stewart Segal’s blog He writes every day. He writes for his patients. He writes just a bit. He encourages his patients to live well. He encourages his patients to make an appointment when they don’t feel well.


About Ileana Balcu

Passionate about healthcare, participatory medicine, e-patients, databases, IT and Health IT, social media, communication, teams and yoga. Proudly volunteering for the Society for Participatory Medicine #s4pm

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